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taking back the american revolution

a culture exchange project for the new millennium

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This is a community designed for Americans who wish to defect to Canada, and the Canadians who want to help them.

Government of Canada: Immigration to Canada
An American's Guide To Canada

Many Americans have become concerned in recent years that the USA is taking a turn for the worse. A shocking breach of security by an enemy has, as many believe, led to creeping Big Brotherism, paranoia, and a wholesale attack on domestic civil liberties by the administration of George W. Bush.
Many Americans have stated their intentions to leave the country in the face of what they view as increased repression.

Canada shares a large macroculture with the USA, though it has its own distinct history and cultural identity. To some Americans, Canada is the great living embodiment of ideals they wish to see prevalent in their own country. Canada's recent non-participation in the war on Iraq, legal decisions allowing for homosexual couples to be married, and moves to decriminalize marijuana have made Canada seem more attractive to Americans of liberal and libertarian leanings. Add to that myriad other attractors, and it is easy to see why, in the current socio-political climate, the grass seems greener on the northern side of the border.

defectors is a community for Americans who are musing about, seriously considering, or planning a move to Canada. This is a forum where they may ask advice from Canadians concerning anything from immigration to job markets, housing to politics.

defectors is a community for Canadians who are interested in helping Americans find ways to emigrate to Canada. Canadians are encouraged to educate Americans on Canadian culture and politics, as well as lend practical support for those who are planning to defect.

A significant defection of Americans to Canada may change the cultural makeup of our nation, for better or worse, fellow canucks. It is my hope that the next wave of defectors may be influential in importing more libertarian social values, so that our cultural pendulum continues to swing towards more personal freedom.

- jodymeme, maintainer/creator

All mature, respectful posters are welcome.
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